Let’s fire this baby up! omg ready?! READY?!?!!?!? 3…2…1!!!!!!

Today is Veterans Day, and November is Native American History Month. President Trump decided to dilute this with a swipe of his limited-edition Trump Hotel & Casino pen (get yours for $39.95 +s&h!!!) and just like that, November is also National American History and Founders Month

(Michael Scott is 2/15ths Native American. It’s hard for him to talk about.)

Who is behind this brazen caucasity??? Obvi Trump but REALLY WHO? Jennifer and Jack London, two major Republican donors.

She said she chose November because it encompasses the celebration of Native American heritage, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and the traditional school year.

"There are two ways of looking at our relationship with Native Americans, they actually were allies at times in our history, and that's something, again, that Americans should be educated about," she said. (source)

lol okay, JENNIFER. That’s revisionist history.

Does “being allies” mean stealing 1.5 billion acres of land and dragging leaders out of their bed and stabbing them 84 times in front of their families and starving them on accident and starving them ON PURPOSE and—oops, sorry, have some diseases—and forcing them on death marches and throwing them in mass graves and literally, LITERALLY stealing their children and corralling them on janky-ass reservations with non-arable land and forcing them to become capitalists with the explicit intent of undermining their communal culture and then—PSYCHE—white people snatching up two-thirds of thems allotted land parcels anyway AND NOW TALKING ‘BOUT ALLYSHIP while indigenous peoples live without electricity or potable water???

On to Jack London.

This Jack London did not write The Call of the Wild, but in fact wrote what is perhaps the literal opposite: Our Good Name: A Company’s Fight to Get the Truth Told About Abu Ghraib—an impassioned defense of the role his company, CACI (a multi-billion dollar defense contractor) played in respect to eNhANceD iNtErRogaTiON. Which is what evil people call TORTURE 😇

Fun fact: the Georgetown intern who used PowerPoint to design the book jacket for Our Good Name went on to paint Monkey Jesus.

Jack is also—AND I SWEAR I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP—the lead author of Character: The Ultimate Success Factor.

Ah, yes. American as apple pie: rich old warhawk takes taxpayer money to violate Geneva Conventions, sells a book on character THAT HE DID NOT EVEN WRITE HIMSELF.

According to campaign finance records, in 2016, London gave more than $100,000 to the Trump Victory Fund, $33,400 to the RNC, tens of thousands of dollars to Republican parties of various states, and the maximum donation to Donald J. Trump For President. (source)

Well, thi$ doe$n’t look fi$hy at all!

If Torture Daddy who LEGIT LOOKS LIKE DALLIN H. OAKS wants to whitewash Native American history, I guess that’s what Torture Daddy gets.

IN SUM: American history, founders, and indigenous history are most definitely not harvest buddies 🌾🍂🍁🦃🌽 To claim otherwise is not just callous ignorance, but the violence of white supremacy.

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