Welcome to Gemini Mind! 💫

Gemini Mind is one daily thing I write out of the billion things I think. 500 words or less on a single topic, published Monday–Thursday if Mercury isn't in retrograde 😎

Don’t you miss the OG blogging days? When you learned about people’s new posts because they were delivered straight to your BLOGGER DASHBOARD? No algorithms or sponsorships, nobody selling Lightroom presets???

Gemini Mind returns to that. I’ve tried this before (RIP The Joan! ⚰️) but didn’t give myself permission to write like I talk, and didn’t focus each newsletter on one idea. I also hated the UX of TinyLetter and Substack is 😍

I’ll introduce subscription options down the road (because women and writers should be PAID FOR THEIR WORK), but right now this baby is hella free. Share with your friends and enemies!!

This is gonna be fun 💫

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