In which I attempt an elevator pitch 💫

Remember when blogs weren’t brands? No affiliate links, no skincare tutorials, no Lightroom presets? In yonder days before capitalism saw extractive value in networked communications and cravenly rubbed its bony hands?

Before that, I didn’t try to elevator-pitch my writing. I just wrote because I thought I was kind of good at it and also desperate for attention.

So, in what amounts to a mirepoix of defiance, nostalgia, and utter unmarketability: Gemini Mind doesn’t really have a schtick. It’s where I write about things that make me curious. You might read polemics on culture, politics, Mormonism. Maybe interviews, poems, funny things, sad things, rude insights from my therapist that are not really rude but certainly feel that way because they’re not very fun and very expensive.

Maybe you’ll read something you didn’t know that you needed to hear, in the way that you needed to hear it. I hope I can write like that for you. And for me.

Come along. Let’s see what crops up.

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