In which I attempt an elevator pitch 💫

Remember ye olden times (2007 AD) when billionaires hadn’t discovered extractive value in internet writing and blogs weren’t brands?

Gemini Mind doesn’t have a “deal.” I’m not like ~other girls~ with my mirepoix of Marxist defiance, early aughts nostalgia, and bad branding. This is not the product of a moderately sad, highly anxious New Yorker, no! It’s not Ottessa Moshfegh, it’s CAMP 💅🏼

Here is where I write about what makes me curious. You might read polemics on politics, culture, or Mormonism. Maybe interviews, poems, funny things, rude things from my therapist that aren’t really rude but feel that way because they’re not fun and very expensive.

Maybe you’ll read something you didn’t know you needed to hear. Maybe you’ll read something that absolutely pisses you the fuck off!!!!!! And you will write a comment to let me know I am sooooo stupid!!!!

(This is my little trick to get you writing and thinking too.)

Come along. Let’s see what happens.

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